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             Victorian Flower Seller roaming photo-booth!

                                                  Look out for this colourful character
                                                  during the Fayre! Don’t be shy, she’s here to
                                                  take your photograph behind her gold gilt
                                                  frame capturing that festive moment (she will
                                                  even give you props if you want).  After the
                                                  event you can find your face via the Fayre’s
                                                  social media pages. This mobile photo-booth
                                                  experience will put a smile on your very own
                                                  Victorian face!
                                                  Find the flower seller on Thursday & Sunday

             Street entertainers

           The Worcester Victorian Fayre wouldn’t be
           complete without our wonderful walkabout
           entertainers!  These lofty fellows have been
           entertaining our crowds since the very
           beginning of the event in 1992 and we are
           delighted to welcome them back this year for
           all four days of the event.

                                                  The team has performed internationally for
                                                  many years!  Look out for them roaming
                                                  around as various characters including their
                                                  Victorian Festive Gentlemen Jugglers,
                                                  performing splendid juggling and witty banter
                                                  as they go!

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